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Why Abhik Grabbed the Second Chance He Got

Everyone deserves a second chance. But there are some people who say only the lucky ones get that chance. What people tend to forget here is, love has the power to conquer everything, let alone a second chance. Love knows no boundaries nor does it care about barriers. Soumi and Abhik are one such couple whose love was so powerful that destiny had to surrender and change its plan.

Here is this beautiful couple who narrate to me their one of a kind love story.

Like every girl, Soumi also had a dream for her ideal husband but she had a slightly different checklist than the usual, “It was not mandatory for me that my husband should be tall, dark and handsome but what I was specific about was I wanted him to accept me the way I am, understand and support me at all times.” She registered on BharatMatrimony but what she was unaware of was that her dream was about to come true.

Soumi gets a message that someone has sent an interest from BharatMatrimony. When she checks it, “I got an interest from Abhik’s profile.” And hence began the enchanting story of Abhik and Soumi. The story begins with chatting and phone calls. “We got into chatting for a couple of weeks and then met,” said Soumi and that caught my attention. I was all set to start picturing their first meet, their first impressions and the anxious expressions on both of their faces when Soumi said what actually happened, “We met at a coffee shop and I had a very different method to judge him. When he entered, I noticed that he had dressed up well. But most importantly what he spoke won my heart. He said that he wanted a companion and not a wife.” A statement like this could win anyone’s heart.

Abhik, if given a chance, would have stopped time right there on their first meet because this is what he said, “The first time we spoke, we did not have much time but when we met on the same evening, time just seemed to run faster than usual.” He obviously did not want that. “Definitely! If a girl as pretty, intelligent and strong as her would be sitting in front of you, you wouldn’t want time to pass, right?” said Abhik.

The first meeting was enough for them to strike a chord and they had started to like each other. Soumi and Abhik’s story had just begun when destiny changed its game and they had to part ways for a couple of months. But they challenged destiny. Abhik and Soumi did carry on with their lives but they could not be separated. “Even though we did not talk to each other for a couple of months, he was still there somewhere at the back of my head,” said Soumi. Destiny couldn’t play its game anymore and love conquered. They met again and this time, forever. “I got a second chance. I had to take this ahead,” stated Abhik.

Now, nothing could stop them from having their own fairy tale. Soumi had always wanted a winter wedding and that is why she had her plan set. A couple, who were living their fairy tale should be asked the question I asked, ‘the proposal’. “She proposed to me. It was overwhelming and surreal. I was supposed to propose first but she did it before me,” Abhik laughed. This got me to ask Soumi if she ever got a chance to ask her husband to propose, how would she want it to be? She gives me an adorable answer, “I love the beaches. So, I would want him to propose to me there and speak his heart out.”

Abhik ends the chat on a beautiful note. He says, “I wasn’t a person who shares his emotions with everyone but when she came into my life, I did not have to share anything because she understands it with just a glance at me.”

Sometimes it’s not about chances but it’s about how badly you want to make it happen!

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