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When Prasanjit Lost His Heart to Ankita

Prasanjit and Ankita meet at the shores of the Arabian Sea in Mumbai's marine drive, their eyes meet while a gust of wind blows Ankita’s hair and right there… that’s the moment when love sprinkles its magic and time stops.

This isn't how they first met but this is precisely how their narration got me to imagine. Yes! They met each other but not at the seashore but near Durga Ma's Pandal. Durga Pooja is auspicious for all Bengalis but 2017's Durga Pujo turned out to be extra special for this couple.

Prasanjit's roots are from Bengal but he is a Mumbaikar from heart. “It was in September last year that we started talking and we met for the very first time during Durga Puja in Kolkata.” He believes that two people should get to know each other and find out if they are compatible before involving parents. Ankita also had a similar point of view. I ask her to describe her Prince Charming and she says, “I am an independent and open minded person and I wanted someone with similar traits.”

Undoubtedly, their description of their first meet was a delight to listen to. “You know you always assume that the person will be well dressed when she meets you for the first time but she had come very casually. That's what I really liked about her.” The pretty woman also had a cute first impression on him, “He is a Bengali. So I thought that he will speak in Bangla but surprisingly he spoke to me in Hindi.”

Although the first meeting was full of surprises, it did not take long for Prasanjit to lose his heart to Ankita. “I fell in love with her in the second meet. She was dressed in Indian attire and I still love it when she dresses like that.”

If the beginning was so cute, rest of their journey could only get adorable. I was inquisitive to know about their life after marriage and so Prasanjit says, “Life couldn't be better. We adjust with each other because I know that we're from different backgrounds. But of course, when you have someone who loves you, understands you, nothing more can be asked for, right?” Absolutely!

Ankita also had a very sweet moment to share, “I didn’t know how to wear a saree and my mother in-law just told me to wear whatever I am comfortable in. You know, marriage hasn't brought much difference to my life. I actually have an additional family who love me, pamper me just like my own parents.

She says, “He is my kind of person” when I ask her if they are poles apart. Well Ankita, your husband has a message for you. He says, “Thank you for coming into my life and accepting me the way I am.”

Here's wishing them more forever moments together!

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