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When I Saw Sunirmal, I Knew He was My Man: Namrata

There isn’t any milestone which is not conquered by love and there are numerous stories which prove so. There is a facet of love which is rather less talked about - hope. Love gives you immense strength to be hopeful. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there will always be hope when there is love and vice versa.

Namrata is a beautiful, strong and vivacious woman whose conversations will undoubtedly inspire you to never lose hope on love. But will you believe that she is the same girl who had lost faith in love at one point in her life?

Well.. This is a story of her everlasting hope which convinced her to believe in the divine power of love. This is also the story of the man’s unconditional love which changed her life forever

Sunirmal’s take on love seemed contradicting to Namrata’s because he stated that he had fallen in love the first time he met her. Namrata proudly reconfirms it and says, “He was completely in love with me in the first sight.”

After connecting on BharatMatrimony, Namrata found out that they knew each other already. “My husband and I had common friends. We actually knew each other,” says Namrata. Since they knew each other already, it was certainly easier to connect but with a little awkwardness. “He lives in Doha. My father’s friends lived there too, so it was easier to know his family. Also, having common friends is very advantageous,” laughs Namrata and continues, “After all that we finally started talking. Although, our first conversation was a little awkward and then we met in my cousin’s wedding.”

Sunirmal’s memory is indeed sharp because he remembered the exact thoughts that were running in his mind just before meeting her, “I was extremely conscious but super excited just to see where this was headed. But I did not know that one sight would be enough to decide that she was the ONE.” But since Namrata’s wasn’t really a love at first sight, she begins to explain the ideal scenario she had in mind to fall in love. “I had always imagined that if I look through a crowd and be able to spot him without looking elsewhere, will I know that he is THE one. Guess what? The exact same thing happened with us,” Namrata stated.

A girl who was unshakable with her opinion of love had to melt for the irrevocable love Sunirmal showered on her. The impact was so much that she could not resist describing it, “He is the man who has brought love into my life. If there is someone who cares for me after my parents, it’s Sunirmal. I am extremely short tempered but at that moment he just smiles at me and I forget everything.”

This is expected from a man who defines the sacred institution as, “Marriage is a union of two souls into one where love, respect, care and understanding are its pillars,” and Sunirmal and Namrata’s journey was meant to be like this solely because Namrata never lost hope.

This is Sunirmal and Namrata’s journey of ardent love and everlasting hope

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