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We Fell in Love Slow and Steady: Soumayaditya

“Shaadi is very important in everyone’s life. People may have their friends and family to turn to whenever they want but it is different with your spouse. There is a kind of love that you can only share with them. Your partner is someone you can depend on for anything under the sun.” Dipanwita defines her marriage like this. She knows that if she is in any kind of trouble, her husband will be there with her even if no one else turns up.

Not only her, but Dipanwita’s husband, Soumayaditya also thinks the same about his wife.

The most important thing for us is to be honest with each other and that is what attracted me to her in the first place.” However, Soumyaditya was instantly connected to her not only for her honesty, but he says that Dipanwita was a combination of charm and beauty.

Their first meeting was all about anticipation. “We were absolutely clueless what to talk about,” says Dipanwita and continues, “But fortunately, he started the conversation.” Soumayaditya had liked her in the first meeting but it was in the second meet that he fell in love with her. “I sure felt a connection with her on the first meet but I was completely sure that she is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with when we met again,” Soumyaditya says. He was confident about marrying her after he got to understand her better because he does not believe in love at first sight. Rather, he says that it takes time to know one another and fall in love.

Dipanwita tells that she had discovered he was an introvert right on the first sight but she also says that Soumayaditya can be crazy when he wants to. “He is definitely crazy. He is a very interesting man. For instance, one day, we just took out our scooty and rode around the city the entire day,” says she.

Soumayaditya and Dipanwita live in different cities due to their professional commitments but they still take out time to be with each other. He says, “My work is such that I get an off frequently. So whenever I get the chance, I go to visit her. We are lucky in that way.” The wife also makes sure that she doesn’t leave an opportunity to spend all the time she gets with her husband. “I had told him once that whenever he is with me, his time is mine,” she ends their story with a laugh.

The couple believe that no relationship is perfect and it is them who should work on it to make it perfect.

Wishing them a wonderful journey together!

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