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Married Within 15 Days after Meeting on BharatMatrimony

There comes a moment in all of our lives when we cross paths with that one person around whom we feel happy, safe and feel no necessity to pretend but just be ourselves. That's when we know that our lives will become meaningless without their presence. Russo and Rituparna felt that connect with one another the first time they met and just within 15 days, they were man and wife. 

Rituparna said, "When I saw him the first time, he looked like an honest and good person, not to forget, he was well dressed too." Also, the second she saw him, Rituparna felt as if she knew him already. 

In spite of knowing that they had some connection, both Rituparna and Russo were still nervous to talk to each other. Eventually everything settled but the nervousness continued for Russo until the day of his marriage. "Everyone's eyes were on me. I felt as if I was going for my board exams," Russo said. 

His cold feet vanished because now his life only had place for his beautiful wife and their memories. "I am definitely the luckiest man to have a person like Rituparna in my life," said Russo. 

Rituparna had told Russo that she wanted to be his friend first and now after marriage they are not just best friends but now Russo has become that significant part that she cannot live without. "He makes me laugh, he wipes my tears, he knows me inside out. In short, he is everything I had ever wanted," Rituparna concludes. 

Wishing them a beautiful life together!

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