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BharatMatrimony Ads Got Me to Register On It

Sometimes, when you look at a couple, “they were so meant to be together” automatically pops up in your head. Sayan and Shreya are definitely one among them. Their names match and they look extremely endearing together. But these words had popped up in my head even before they narrated their love story.

It all started when one fine day, Sayan decided to settle. “I had seen a couple of ads about BharatMatrimony and then decided to register,” said Sayan. He was in Arunachal Pradesh when he thought about opening the app to see if he could find anyone and there...

“Her profile suddenly popped up. So I sent her an interest and also gave my number.”

This was just one side of the story. Shreya’s side of the story had to be heard before their worlds collided. So here was this beautiful girl, full of life who had a wish. She said, “I always wanted someone who will understand me and pamper me like my father does.” Then that one WhatsApp message from her which Sayan opened after a week of giving his number changed their lives forever

It did not take them too long to turn a single message to late night chats into endless phone conversations because Shreya said, “It was love at first call. I had certainly lost my heart in the first chance. However, he was a little shy to call.” Finally the time had come for them to meet. I was curiously waiting to know all about their first meeting. When they spoke about their first meet, I could only imagine how adorable that would have turned out to be. Sayan started off, “I was definitely excited about our meeting and I had been anticipating a lot from it but it turned out to be a little different.” How exactly? “We actually poured our hearts out. I hadn’t thought of that to happen so soon.”

When I had asked the same question to Shreya, the first thing she told was that he made her wait for 15 minutes. Did she ask him the reason to keep her waiting and she was definitely beaming when she said, “He was delayed because he was buying me a watch. It was really sweet of him to wear a suit and he looked really really cute.”

Shreya claims that she loves surprises and gifts. Sayan made sure he surprised her every way possible to make her feel extra special and in their ten months of courtship, he gave Shreya the best proposal that she hadn’t even dreamt of. He travelled back into his memory and started to describe, “She was at work and I had not informed her that I would be visiting her. She was really surprised to see me on the other side of the road. When she came down to see me, I proposed.” In the middle of the road? “Yes,” said Sayan proudly.

“I have definitely brought discipline and routine into his life,” said Shreya instantly when I asked her what how her husband has changed. This certainly was expected from someone who was a lecturer. In the entire conversation I had with this adorable couple, the best part of their story was when Sayan described to me about his perfect getaway with his beloved wife. I was imagining it to be some beautiful beach side or chilly mountains. But what I heard got me dumbfounded. “Well… I would take her to a gift shop,” said Sayan. I asked him once again to reconfirm and he said, “Yes! You heard it right.. I would take her there because she loves gifts. I would take her there and ask her to choose whatever she likes.”

Sayan and Shreya’s story got me to believe what people say about love, that when you unconditionally love someone, you can go to any extent to see them happy!

We wish them a lifetime of surprises and unconditional love!

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