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BengaliMatrimony Played the Cupid in Kaushik and Aparupa’s Lives

Marriages are celebrated like festivals in our country and why shouldn’t it be? After all, a day to celebrate the union of love marks the sanctity of the purest emotion of human kind. Every couple wishes to have a perfect wedding just the way they have imagined it to be.

This is a story of Kaushik and Aparupa and how Kaushik took all the efforts to make their wedding day a prized possession in Aparupa’s life.

BengaliMatrimony had played the cupid and brought them to each other.

Now was the time for Kaushik to pay a visit to Aparupa’s house. “I was confused as to what to say and what to ask. It literally felt like an exam,” Aparupa began recalling her state of mind then. Since she was having cold feet, she wasn’t able to have an impression on him. But the moment he set foot in her house and caught the first sight of the pretty girl, Kaushik was stupefied. Neither did he take more than one second to decide that she was the ONE.

Aparupa, however, remembered that one thing which probably was the beginning of her ardent love, “I remember very clearly that he had once asked me if he should take my parents’ permission or directly ask me for my number. This gesture of his was so impressive that I think I began to like him instantly,” she said.

Having shared a beautiful life together for almost one and a half years, Kaushik says the have shared countless memories together and claims that they have grown each day together hand in hand. If he loves to talk, she loves to stay in her bubble. He is a trekking enthusiast and has made sure that she also turned into one after marriage. However different they are, they always manage to remain on the same page.

Kaushik always wanted his wedding day to be grand celebration and therefore wanted everything to be perfect. “We had all our dresses color coordinated, from the wedding to the reception to our post wedding photo shoot,”Kaushik recalled. He let her chose the outfits first so he could choose his accordingly. The reception party was arranged completely according to Kaushik’s plan. “Keeping in mind the colors of our dresses, I had arranged for a contrasting background for our reception too.”

Remembering all the efforts of her husband to bring a smile on her face, Aparupa said, “I remember all the arrangements he had made. It was extraordinary. We were busy with attending to our guests but whenever I looked out for him in the venue, I saw him looking at me.” His planning has paid off because Aparupa’s reactions to his picturesque arrangements were such. “I was glad that she loved it because when I showed her around, she held my hand and smiled at me. That smile was priceless.”

Aparupa’s Facebook status read, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and this made Kaushik fall in love with her instantly.

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