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A promise for life

Tania Mukherjee, from Oman, gives me what I want- a scoop into her married life and the journey leading to it.

Tania and Abhra are one of those adorable couples who need not be asked about their love story because they love to share it with the world themselves. This lovely couple is the most balanced and not to forget, madly in love. But going down the memory lane to six years back, did this pretty woman have a checklist for her prince charming? "Of course I did. Every girl does. I wanted a good looking, handsome guy who would be well settled in life,

and also life after marriage shouldn’t be boring. But little did I know that destiny had decided something better for me."

Abhra slips into the conversation to tell me the extent to which he liked her in the first look, "I liked her profile so much that I actually copied her biography into my profile as well. So you can understand the frequency of our mindset." No wonder they clicked instantly.

The cute first meet

The couple had evidently lost their hearts to each other in their initial conversations but I was curious to know about their golden moments which I assumed would be countless. Tania is more than excited to tell a cute anecdote about their first meet. "When he was offered sweets during our first meet, he insisted that I feed him." There is more… "We had a courtship for six months but we met around 5 times." So I assume that both of you lived in the same city? "No. He lived in Oman and he came down to Kolkata just for me. It was a tough task but this is what made me fall in love with him all over again."

Yeh pyaar na hoga kam...

"...sanam teri kasam. This is just not their song but Abhra's promise to his wife for eternity. Tania tells me the one line her husband told her that is etched in her mind for life, "He made a promise to keep me happy. It is six years into our marriage and he has kept up to his word."

For every bride, her wedding day is the most precious day of her life, but for this lady, her engagement was what she claims as even more special. "We had decided to buy diamond rings for each other but the way he got it for me was THE moment. He had worn my ring as a pendant close to his heart before he put it on my finger."

Marriage is...

"Based on four pillars - trust, understanding, love and respect." The truth spoken in four simple words. Now that you are man and wife, what are the qualities that you love about each other? Abhra says it all in a short sentence, "She is the most beautiful woman in the world and my personal favourite chef." Oh! So she is a chef? "No. But she makes such amazing food that I always prefer carrying food that she cooks for me."

What does Tania have to say about her husband? "We love cooking together. So we spend most of our time cooking together and he never eats his meal without me, which makes me feel special each day."

A perfect weekend would be.. "Cooking of course. But we go out for shopping or to the beach with our kiddo," says Tania.

We end our conversation with Tania’s wish, "My only prayer to God is we stay together forever and never give up."

We wish all their wishes come true!

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